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    Cast high quality, low cost castings, to provide customers with a comprehensive solution

    With continuous innovation and development of market capacity, participate in market competition.

    Efforts to provide training and development opportunities for employees, and constantly create value for the community


    Ideal: continuous improvement, steady operation

    Customers: the cornerstone of our survival and development, to follow their progress.

    Employee: to be satisfied with the job and challenge provided by the company, and to realize the desire of self value, reward and family support.

    Partner: coexistence, and can provide excellent products to meet our needs

    Society: we are recognized as a business behavior, environmental protection, social responsibility of the good company.

    Basic code:

    1. integrity, confidence, exceed customer expectations

    2. courtesy and harmony, treat employees

    3. equal and mutual trust

    4. absorb excellent talents, do a good job training

    5. survival of the fittest, and constantly changing

    6. cultivate reliable and excellent suppliers.

    7. good ability to develop and improve proposals

    8 quick, simple, efficient and good quality work principle

    9 clear frugality, independent and harmonious and innovative cultural atmosphere


    1 to obtain customer trust, to meet customer needs

    2 to become the most influential manufacturer of castings in China

    3 to become the world's outstanding suppliers of castings